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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stanford California, by Zoë Brigley

"People often ask me why I would be interested in studying representations and detrimental myths surrounding rape culture and the hate crime. My only answer would be that I am an idealist, and I believe in the power of writing and criticism to change the world in small, deliberate increments. I have been most proud of the ability to instill in my students a sense of resilience, especially when writing or thinking about difficult subject matter. I often say to my students that sometimes we need to approach a difficult subject as we would a wild horse: being sure that it won't injure us, perhaps not approaching directly at all initially, but slowly, carefully finding a way to inch closer with a sense of dwelling, and respect."- Zoë Brigley

Website: zoebrigley.com

Anglo-Breton author Claire Trévien made this video as part of a larger series. Learn more about the poet here: https://clairetrevien.com/

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