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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Forever Young, by Bobbi Kitten

Photo by Sydney Irene, courtesy of Damn the Witch Siren

I used to feel immortal
a twenty something teen
I used to do backflips
off the high dive
always smacking my teeth
I didn't think about the future
I didn't think- what if I miss?
I only greeted the cold bed of needles
like a hot July kiss.

I used to drink the everything
revere the whiskey as my poetry
I used to draw all of my inspiration
from the moonlight
and getting fucked up with you
burgundy Chablis
I didn't think about the morning
I didn't think about the drive
I only wished that we could push faster
shifting gears hard between my thighs.

 I used to think I knew myself
a twenty something scream
I used to throw my head way back
like I was waking myself up from a dream
Now I close my eyes for tomorrow
I cry for everything
I still believe that love can last forever
But dreams are the trappings
that will never set you free 

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