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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sweet Dreams, by Amber Fogle

                         Sweet Dreams
                         11x14 in
                         Collage/Mixed media on paper

There is a narrative element to most of my pieces, but I never set out to imply or force one particular message. I just enjoy making things that are visually interesting and surprising to the viewer. I make some things just to suit myself - because I saw something interesting and wanted to do something with it. The state of world interests me; if I depict it, I come at it sideways so that the viewer is first drawn to the feel of a piece and then trapped by its meaning.  The "things that are universal" are what I try to achieve - connection, feeling wanted, knowing one's self, etc. The response I get when the piece I made has hit its mark is extremely fulfilling for me.

Instagram - @fogel7374
Facebook - Amber Fogel Art and Yoga

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