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Thursday, October 19, 2017

kinda blue, by Danny Turek

Artist Statement:

"a lot of my writing research goes no further than (goes just far enough as(?)) wikipedia. such are our habits. people have had worse access to worse information. On another note, i can't play any instrument nor can i compose music which has always stuck in my craw so i thought why not cover miles davis (no lyrics, experimental/accessible/beautiful/complex music, this concept of “blue”) with the tools i do have (words, my feelings/thoughts, a working macbook). i’ve been playing around with the computer as an instrument of my art (what it is capable of (poetically)). it's a low res, ugly sort of art, but its so very much the only way anybody writes now (blogs, facebook posts, the new york times). its a weird sort of conversation to have with an artist (especially one so gloriously talented (so beyond-obviously more talented than myself (almost to the point of it being objectively provable))). he makes noise and i translate it into the math of my own language (experience--side note: i recently relocated (<----much more dramatic choice than “moved to . . . from”) to chicago from my hometown of 17 yearsish, columbus, oh). i don’t pretend to know exactly what miles was/is saying, but i dont pretend to know what i'm saying (exactly). i just listened and wrote and played along."

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